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Thread: House Democratic departures threaten party hold on majority.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMC View Post
    What do you consider a damn good thing. Lowering taxes wasnt good? Getting Conservative Judges on the Court wasnt good? Strengthening the Military wasnt good? Putting the check on the Euros wasnt good? Building a wall on the border wasnt good? Causing Mexico to put troops on both their borders wasnt good? Getting rid of useless regulations wasnt good? got me on several counts. I will dissect.

    1. Lowering taxes...NEUTRAL...because the next guy will just raise them again even higher. Taxes are a yo-yo.

    2. Getting several HUNDRED lower court conservative judges in courts. POSITIVE. You got me there. It WAS a good thing. I can't say Kavanaugh or the lady was a good thing, though, because they have turned out to be neutral or silent on major issues like election fraud.

    3. Strengthening the military...NEUTRAL...because the next guy will undo everything the first guy did. I do not call having a temporary victory for a few years as a major good thing because it will all be undone in four years or less.

    4. Putting check on the Europeans...NEUTRAL...they are so wishy-washy on all matters anyway and have no backbone to backup the crap they say in the first place. They only like us when other Euros are kicking their asses. I say let them rip each other apart like they have been before NATO was formed. It is what they do for sport.

    5. Border got me on that one too.

    6. Mexico...NEUTRAL...Can be undone and WAS undone by the next guy. Not a real victory. Only a temporary one.

    7. Business regulations...POSITIVE...but also a temporary victory and was undone by control freak governors as it was happening, and once again,...all undone by the next guy.

    This is a major reason our government is completely dysfunctional and a joke. No actual legislation is passed. Everything is done now by EO, only to be undone by the next guy....RINSE...REPEAT...every four to eight years.

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