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It's becoming a bit obvious that the figures of infections and fatalities are grossly overstated on a global scale . Someone is very interested in keeping this pandemic going for as long as possible . Personally , if I contracted COVID , and decided to get the jab , the only one I'd trust is the SputnikV....all the others are just too risky , and not to be trusted .
They very well could be, but at the same time seven people in my personal circle of family and friends died last year and in January of this year--that's never happened before from the flu or any other illnesses, so I know something is haywire.

I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and it's a true vector vaccine, much like the annual flu shot. I didn't even get a sore arm.

Mrna shots may or may not be all their cracked up to be--only time will tell--but, for the most part, I trust American researchers. If a vaccine was dangerous, someone would spill the beans. And, the information about variants and infections is being reported on an open-source basis, so I'm not too worried. I do think Fauci is a complete ass, and I think EcoHealth and Fauci are both responsible (at least to a small extent) for the virus we have today. I also think China is far from innocent.

But again, only time will tell.