Donald Trump is a racist. The Republican Party is racist. Weíve all heard this nonsense from the liberal echo chamber. The sad part is that white liberals believe it, but everyone else has hit the mute button.

In 2020, Donald Trump gained among all racial and gender groups. The only demographic where he lost support was white dudes, and marginal shifts in that demographic can cost you an election. It did in Trumpís case, where Joe Biden was able to cut into those margins with working-class whites in the Rust Belt. Trump came within 43,000 votes of winning a second term, so it just shows progressives that they shouldnít count on demography to clinch a so-called permanent political majority. Most of Trumpís 2020 support came from women and people of color. Yes, you read that right. Trumpism appeals to all, which is why itís sticking around (via Washington Examiner):

Donald Trump can stick around because his base of support is incredibly and efficiently spread out in terms of political geography. David Shor, a 2012 Obama campaign veteran and data scientist, noted this and warned Democrats that if the coalition is proven to be a durable one, Democrats could see themselves out of power for a very long time in the long run. Itís why he feels that Trumpism has been good for the GOP since itís primed the party for institutional domination. Itís why he wants to add states and hopes Democrats can campaign on issues that are appealing to educated voters and working-class conservatives, which is how Obama won twice (via NY Mag):

If voters in these blocs that have traditionally voted Democratic keep drifting away because theyíre scared by the left-wing push from college-educated whites, then liberal America should embrace for pain ó a lot of pain......snip~

White Libs Will Be Triggered Over Where a Majority of Trump's 2020 Support Came From by Matt Vespa (

Well that puts a damper on the Democrats and their tool the Lame Stream Media' Narrative about Trump is a racist. Most with common sense knew the Left was lying anyways. It is what they do and have done with every Repub President since Reagan.