I am sorry -- this is not a nanoessay. This is a small rant based on reading Twitter for about 2 hours. Men are viewed as oppressors and Misandry is celebrated. A tweet in 2020 which celebrated men dying from Covid got 450,000 likes. Why are men hated so much in Modern Society?

In my opinion, men are hated because men are the only birth group people are allowed to hate. One nuance I mention is going to be particularly upsetting to Conservatives. According to Woke Ideology, there are many axis of oppression, hence there are many groups which people should be allowed to hate. Conservatives take a strong stand defending any birth group except men.

For instance, introduction of Critical Race Theory has lead to massive backlash by very mainstream Conservatives. Many mainstream Conservatives have attacked Black Lives Matter for alleged anti-white bias. Any criticism of white people as a class/group results in strong backlash from very mainstream Conservatives. Sadly much more persuasive male bashing gets almost no backlash.