So, as a member of the Canadian Psychological Association, I got an interesting email that they had identified issues important to the psychological community, specifically, and used existing documents, interviews, and campaign materials to identify where each political party falls with regards to their plans. For example, health care, mental health, human rights, and research were identified as key issues for the community

This report: 2021 Federal Election Platform Comparisons.pdf (

... what a great idea. Unlike other organizations I belong to (the American counterpart, for example), it doesn't feel like a pressure to vote a certain way, but provides a quick guide to accurate promises and plans that each major party has made. It obviously does not cover every topic and the focus is really on issues impacting primarily the health of Canadians.

I thought this was neat. I kind of expected the email to tell me how to vote (I already did by mail, though). Instead, it was a pleasant surprise. So, if you're interested in the election, take a look.