Senior Security - Making sure that older Americans are of free from abuse, scams, and poor administration of their finances and health isn’t a new pursuit. But as the nation ages, aid from the legal system becomes more critical.

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Two adult daughters turned to the legal system this year because they were troubled by how their father’s finances were being handled. Their father has dementia and his friend, an accountant, had authority, through a financial power of attorney, over the father’s money. The daughters believed the friend wasn’t keeping up adequately with the finances.The situation led the women to Judge Dixilene Park’s courtroom in Stark County Probate Court in late September. They asked to be named guardian of their father’s “estate,” or property, which included his finances, and as guardian of their father himself.

Convinced of the daughters’ concerns, Judge Park terminated the accountant’s power of attorney and appointed one of the daughters as guardian. It’s an example of the issues confronting those with aging parents, relatives, neighbors, and friends.



Funny story about Judge Parks and I. I was handling an Estate for a buddy who's Mother had died. I know zero (0) about handling estates but he had no money and couldn't afford a lawyer. One day, I got a call from Judge Parks' magistrate saying the Judge wanted me in her room the next morning. I drove down to Canton and she said:

Judge: 'Dave, what are you doing - you have blown all the deadlines in terms of notices?"
Me: I have no idea, I'm muddling through this for a friend.
Judge: Are you being paid?
Me: No, I'm even personally eating all the costs.
Judge: You have no business handling an estate.
Me: I know - but he had nobody.
Judge: Ok, I'll tell you what... we'll walk through this with you on one condition: You never ever do another one.
Me: Deal.

So... I am personally banned from handling any more estates for friends... whew!!

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