The metaverse is already here it's Minecraft...

What will the metaverse look like? Last week, we got a glimpse of Mark Zuckerbergs vision for it, in his video presentation. If you didnt see it, CNET has : It begins with Zuckerberg being raptured into his metaverse apartment, where he picks out an all-black outfit, then heads to a virtual meeting with Facebook colleagues at which they play cards, marvel at 3D art, and phase Kitty-Pryde-style through their surroundings. Later on Zuckerberg shows off the future of work in Facebooks AR metaverse, with screens afloat in the air. It looked pretty much like every demo you see of our AR/VR future

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The truth is, a thriving metaverse already exists. Its incredibly high-functioning, with millions of people immersed in it for hours a day. In this metaverse, people have built uncountable custom worlds, and generated god knows how many profitable businesses and six-figure careers. Yet this terrain looks absolutely nothing the like one Zuckerberg showed off.

Its Minecraft, of course.

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