EXCLUSIVE: 'Their presence alone is a serious national security issue.' Dozens of sailors confirm their warships were swarmed by 'at least 100' otherworldly UFOs, as their accounts CONTRADICT Navy chief's effort to dismiss them as drones

Can make the sailors keep their mouths shut!
  • Naval crew have told documentary maker Jeremy Corbell that US warships were swarmed in 2019 by 'at least 100' UFOs with unexplainable capabilities
  • Last year Corbell published videos from the warship incidents that set social media ablaze
  • The videos were verified by the Pentagon and showed flashing objects hovering above US Navy ships in the Pacific Ocean
  • In an historic hearing on UFOs last month, Navy chiefs tried to explain away the incident, saying they were 'reasonably confident' the objects were drones
  • Corbell is now hitting back, claiming that he has 'dozens' of accounts from crew, investigators and briefed officials who say that the UFOs were otherworldly
  • The nature and origin of the craft are still unknown, and witnesses say that they flew in ways that would put publicly known drone technology to shame
  • A crewman with direct knowledge of the case, who spoke to DailyMail.com on condition of anonymity, called the incident 'world-changing'