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Thread: Toppling $#@! Theory’s House Of Cards

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    Toppling $#@! Theory’s House Of Cards

    Toppling $#@! Theory’s House Of Cards With Liz Wheeler is a rambling interview of Liz WHeeler the focus of which is $#@! Theory, another child of Critical Theory.

    I've captured those portions of the transcript dealing with that topic with the time stamps for each section.

    so this so you said this is i think this
    is your pin tweet right now i read the
    founding documents of $#@! theory aka a
    creepy steaming pile of garbage to
    understand the agenda of those teaching
    the transgender ideology to our kids in
    school this is what i found pedophilia
    wow so how does pedophilia relate like a

    so i'm reading about this and um i think
    okay well there's a there's an
    equivalence between how the left is
    teaching these these transgender things
    in school to how the left uh taught
    critical race theory right it wasn't
    like in colleges you could say here's
    critical race theory and here's what it
    teaches sort of this abstract academic
    theory and that's not how it's being
    taught in elementary schools they're
    they're telling you oh white kids are
    racist black kids are oppressed they're
    teaching the principles of critical race
    theory and i thought this is the same
    thing that's happening with the
    transgender stuff they're teaching that
    boys can be girls if they want girls can
    be boys that gender is a spectrum it's
    not binary it's not related to sex but
    all of those things aren't just things
    in and of themselves they're actually
    the principles of the same type of
    ideological underpinning this time it's
    $#@! theory um another academic theory
    if you will you say that
    um with a little bit of laughter um but

    i read i did i read the founding
    documents i was like okay so what is
    $#@! theory then like i read all the
    founding documents of critical race
    theory two to understand what it was
    that's why i got into that debate and
    we'll call it that with mark lamont hill
    because i called him out for you know
    who he was supporting because i actually
    read this stuff i read this and
    it took me a couple days to like detox
    it from my mind just so you guys know
    like it's pretty nasty stuff but it the
    the founder gail rubin is her name she's
    uh a lesbian who actually started like
    uh i could tell from that name
    gail rubin
    big lesbians
    yes so like i agree with you she started
    like a club for like leather bondage
    lesbians really yeah that's what i was
    gonna say that the name sounds like
    but she wrote this she wrote the thesis
    of $#@! theory this founding document
    called thinking sex and she she posits
    in this um
    in this document that there's you know
    no objective truth that gender is a
    spectrum it's not binary but she defends
    um child pornography she she says it's a
    civil right issue that you know 20 years
    down the road we we as a society will
    feel bad for all of these men that we
    put in jail for consuming you know the
    sexual torture materials depicting the
    sexual torture of toddlers and babies
    she defends that she defends the
    sexualization of children she said that
    you know sex is always political and um
    she defends pedophilia she actually
    calls pedophiles men who love underage

    i wish that she'd surface and start
    defending it the way that kimberly
    crenshaw did with critical race theory
    but but yeah i mean that tweet sounds
    bombastic because he's like oh sure
    pedophilia but like it's actually that's
    that's how i felt watching like it's
    like oh is this really what it says and
    then when you unpack and look at like
    they really are defending this stuff
    that's why i put like i said it's like a
    nine minute video i wasn't gonna
    condense it into like one minute because
    then people are just gonna be like oh
    you're just trying to get clicks you're
    just trying to get views like no i want
    people to watch it because it's it's i
    mean it's nasty it's there and that's
    the ideological underpinning of what
    kids are being taught

    You can also listen to Wheeler's podcast Ep. 131: Intro to $#@! Theory.
    The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so. -- Ronald Reagan

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    I'm at the point where I'm not going to shed tears of certain future murders/assassinations of the proponents of these demented and diseased ideologies.

    I don't condone it, the practice of murder. But nor do I need to condemn it's practice when applied...intelligently.
    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

    Ephesians 6:12

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    If Math and Science are being taught as racist then you can get away with teaching anything!
    "Empires do not suffer emptiness of purpose at the time of their creation. It is when they have become established that aims are lost and replaced by vague ritual" - DUNE Messiah by Frank Herbert

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