... in 3114 BC - The native American ' LONG COUNT' calendar begins.

... in 1929 AD - George Herman 'BABE' Ruth AKA the 'MAULING MENACE' ... AKA the 'PRINCE OF POUNDERS' ... AKA the 'WIZARD OF WHACK' ... AKA 'HERMAN THE GREAT' ... AKA the 'TITAN OF TERROR' ... AKA the 'SULTAN OF SWAT' ... becomes the first player in MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL history to hit 500 career home runs when he slugged one out off of Willis Hudlin in 1 6-5 loss to the CLEVELAND INDIANS.

... in 1965 AD - The film 'HELP' starring the 'BEATLES' is released in the USA.

AND ...

... in 1963 AD - Terry Bollea AKA 'TERRY BOULDER' ... AKA 'THE INCREDIBLE HULK HOGAN' ... AKA 'HOLLYWOOD HOGAN' ... AKA 'MR AMERICA' ... AKA 'THUNDERLIPS THE ULTIMATE MALE' ... twelve time champion of the world, star of 'THUNDER IN PARADISE' and 'HOGAN KNOWS BEST' is born in Augusts, Georgia USA-

... in 1978 AD - Spanish actress, guitarist, singer and comedienne Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina 'CHARO' Baeza weds Kjell Rasten in South Lake Tahoe, California USA.

... in 2014 AD - American comedian and actor Robin McLaurin Williams dies of suicide.