A few months ago, we detailed some Force Recon rifles we saw being used in some icy cold-weather training. It was interesting that Force Recon, which is such an elite community within the Marine Corps, would still be wielding the M4A1 over the URGI or even the M27 that the rest of the Marine Corps carries. While the M27 is a great infantry rifle, the modern Force Recon community might consider it large for its activities. So, imagine my surprise when browsing photos through DVIDS and stumbling across Force Recon with M27s.

Force Reconís new rifle

Well, newish. However, the M27 makes a ton of sense. With the Marine Corps combat arms moving to the M27, it makes sense to standardize as much as possible across all combat arms elements. Force Recon has likely been issued the M27, but alongside the longer, 16.5-inch upper receiver, it has received something known as the URG 11-inch Recon Weapon Kit.

These new uppers are HK416A5 upper receivers mated to M27 lowers. The M27 is based on the HK416. The HK416A4 uppers come in the 11-inch sub-compact variant we see here and in 14.5-inch, 16.5-inch, and full-length 20-inch barrels.

Oh, the handgun

Besides the new rifle, Recon carries the New SIG M17/M18 handgun. We see a few in holsters that replace the old M9s and Colt M45 pistols. Itís a much more modern pistol for these commandos. Itís not entirely new since the SIG won the MHS contest years ago now, but itís nice to see them dripping into the Recon world.