... in 1770 AD - Former English Prime Minister George Grenville dies in Mayfair, England.

... in 1856 AD - 'THE GREAT BELL OF SIR BENJAMIN HALL' AKA 'THE GREAT BELL OF THE GREAT CLOCK OF WESTMINSTER' AKA 'BIG BEN' chimes for the first time at Westminster Palace 3 years before the 'GREAT CLOCK OF WESTMINSTER' was completed.

... 1n 1951 AD - A USA baseball all star team, led by Joe DiMaggio, Billy Martin and Ferris Fain lost to a Japanese all star team by a score of 3-1. The americans won 13 of 15 on the tour.

... IN 1952 AD - USAG Merrick Brian Garland is born in Chicago, Illinois.

... in 1960 AD - Samuel George 'SAMMY' Davis Junior weds Swedish actress May Britt Wilkens.

... in 1987 AD - Cherilyn Sarkisian and Salvatore Bono appear for the last time as 'SONNY AND CHER.'