And the moral of the story is...

The Bible A Book Full of Losers

...The Bible doesnt portray Jews and Christians in a very heroic light.

In the Old Testament, the Jews which, by the way, are presented as Gods people are depicted as incorrigibly corrupt. They are constantly backsliding into paganism. Theres a righteous remnant, sure, but (a) by definition a remnant is a minority, a smaller subset of the larger whole, and (b) the remnant often gets it wrong in various ways.

The negative depiction is at the collective as well as the individual level. Take two examples of individuals youd expect to receive hagiographic treatment: Abraham, despite being the Father of Faith, is at crucial moments shown to be utterly faithless; David, despite being a man after Gods own heart, is depicted as a murderer and adulterer.

And these depictions arent by writers with an anti-semitic agenda; if anything, they had a natural incentive to whitewash.

In the New Testament, the Gospel accounts depict the disciples as obtuse, incredulous, and cowardly.

...Beyond the Gospels, the New Testament letters most of which were written by the Apostle Paul generally present the earliest Christian churches in a state of moral and doctrinal crisis.

...The lot of them are losers. Plain and simple. But thats a critical part of the story, isnt it?