Alik Bahshi
Stalin phenomenon

Josef Stalin (Dzhugashvili) personality is very unique in many criteria, primarily in the field of psychology. With a natural gift of understanding of the people, Stalin, like x-ray machine to read minds, seeing the man through and through, knowing the pros and cons of all those with whom you have dealt with a strong devious mind allowed him to use all the twists, goals and plans surrounding the many leaders of the revolution, to build a more cunning scheme of physical elimination, not only rivals, but also all the possible contenders for power. He could not speak well, he could ignite the crowd fiery speech as Trotsky or Rykov, but he's like a spider waiting, waiting for unsuspecting prey will be in his web. And not infrequently the victim and took part in the construction of the web.

Could Trotsky (Bronstein), fully-developed intellectual, skillful orator, who had concentrated in the hands of the military power, to assume that this dork, Georgians, bad speaking in Russian, a former terrorist-robber hold him as a boy. In relations with people, Stalin never made a single mistake on the way to power, and being on top of it. And he spent Roosevelt and Churchill, and entirely dependent on the supply of materiel and military actions of America and England! Stalin was able to bargain with them in Tehran and Yalta ancestral territories in Prussia, Germany, and Japan on Sakhalin Island in addition to the Kurils, to retain the Baltic States, Finland and part of Romania, and it is precisely because of the seizure of these countries the Soviet Union was expelled shortly before the war of League of Nations. Moreover, the West has put a fait accompli, when Soviet troops moved suddenly to the west, deep into already defeated Germany, leaving far behind Berlin, which was a complete surprise to the Allies.

Churchill later realized the true error (Fulton speech), but it was too late, Stalin, in fact, already had to redraw the whole map of Europe by making the satellites of the USSR in Eastern Europe, which eventually led to the Cold War. And that's due to one person of Joseph Stalin, the ruler he created a vast empire of the USSR. Stalin could remove the need for a person of any rank, even the closest associates, who have experienced the fear of the animal in front of him and with all this, the common people favored leader, showing just a fanatical faith in him. Incredibly, - were shot by his orders man shouted, "Long live Stalin!". It is unlikely that you will find in the history of the person, which could be put side by side. Even after death, people honor him, that in itself is a rarity in Russian history. Khrushchev could not erase the love of the Russian people to his executioner, and not strange, that the Russian people, and this despite the fact that the Georgian Stalin has repeatedly talked about the Great Russian chauvinism, and this despite the fact that the body of Stalin, Khrushchev pulled out of the mausoleum, Lenin left alone. But who remembers the dead man lying Lenin, calling at the moment except that quiet smile. This, in my opinion, is the main phenomenon of Stalin. So far, after more than half a century, many people in Russia are praying for him, trembling remembering the name of their beloved leader - Joseph Stalin.

The only who managed to outwit Stalin, Hitler is, but it's a stretch, for deceiving Stalin, Hitler actually signed his own death warrant. It should be noted that even when the German troops violated the alliance treaty between Germany and the Soviet Union - a non-aggression pact and invaded the borders of the USSR, Stalin could not believe what had happened, he was so confident of Hitler. Stalin thought that Hitler was a strategic mistake; take such a risk to attack the USSR. Yes, Hitler was unpredictable. Perhaps Hitler was hoping that, if in the eyes of the West, too, is an enemy of the Soviet Union, and in fact it was true in reality (annexation by the Soviet Union countries of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, parts of the territories of Finland, Poland, Romania), it is still unsophisticated web browsers England and France will understand what it is, Germany will be able in a short time away with the Jewish Bolshevik regime in Russia, so that the Russian people will be grateful. Stalin was more prepared for war with Turkey, which the Soviet Union as well as the Baltic States issued an ultimatum to allow the creation of on the Bosporus Naval Base, but not with Germany.
Fortunately for unleashing the Second World War, the two aggressor grappled with each other in mortal combat, and if this had not happened, I'm sure, the political map of Europe would have been different. Can be a lot of options and guesses suggest, but one thing is clear, this does not happen, the world would be different today.