Singer Jamal from Ukraine with the song "1944" on the deportation of the Crimean Russian people took to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 the first place. World gave the highest mark to remind the performer of the human tragedy and the brutality of the Russian authorities, who to this day continue to haunt the Crimean Tatars to consolidate the their homeland.

Alik Bakhshi

Whose Crimea

Frankly cynical and barefaced blatant attempt by Moscow to push its corrupt henchman in the election of the Ukrainian president has caused anger and indignation of the people of Ukraine and was the cause of the Orange Revolution occurred. Moreover, once the Kremlin's political failure finally led Ukraine from Russian influence and initiated the political direction of the country towards the United Europe. Updated Ukraine is not without reason sees in her political protection from Moscow indispensable future encroachments and hopes for economic assistance to the West. Provocation Russian gas supplies to Ukraine in winter, wearing clearly registered political character was edinodushno condemned the West, which shows the understanding of the danger exposed by the Empire young independent state.

The loss of Ukraine greatly alter the geopolitical situation in the Russian Black Sea basin in the strategic plan. Deprived of the Crimea and Odessa, the Russian Black Sea fleet is already squeezed in the confined space of the Black Sea (in the case of war, the Bosphorus slams) does is trapped in the waters of Novorossiysk and in the shallow waters of the Azov Sea. In the future, the entire south-western flank of the Russian Empire almost remained without cover fleet. The only real way out of a difficult situation for Russia is to keep the port of Sevastopol after the end of the lease it from the Ukraine, and even better to recapture the entire Crimea. Russia considers Ukraine a lifetime of their ancestral lands, and therefore gave her the Crimea, the conquest of which cost Russia a lot of effort in the last Russian-Turkish wars. Of course, the Kremlin leaders could not think how inglorious end expects the USSR, and even more so that the Ukrainian people, the most fraternal of all fraternal peoples, suddenly wants to self-administer their own destiny.

Who could have foreseen the Kremlin politicians that Ukraine will gain the status of an independent state, or the Crimean peninsula would not be a simple stroke of the pen was introduced in the Ukraine. However, here we must take into account one very important fact, which everyone as if accidentally forgotten, namely, that the Crimean peninsula was never a native Russian land, or, Crimea not, under any circumstances, would not be transferred to Ukraine. In one Russian warriors are right Crimea, is that the transfer of Crimea to Ukraine or Kievan Rus, let alone Ukraine, historically controlled the territory. In the dispute over Crimea forget the indigenous peoples who have been forcibly displaced from their native land for showing (although quite understandable) sympathy for the Germans during the Second World War. But even with this in mind, this punishment of an entire people is unprecedented and cruel. Then we would have with the Hungarians and Romanians deported somewhere in Yakutia. What Romanians, Germans themselves as the main culprits, move, say, to the North Pole.

The Crimean Tatars have disappeared in an instant by the will of the famous leader - the father of all peoples comrade. Stalin. It was the people, and gone forever. By the way, it is appropriate to note a very important historical fact reflected in a letter to the leaders of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee Mihoelsa, Feffer, Epstein Stalin, on the subject of creation in Crimea of ​​the Jewish Autonomous Republic.

In a letter registered office of the Stalin dated 15 February 1944, ie before the Crimean liberation and to the mass deportation of the indigenous people - Crimean Tatars, the leaders of the JAC Mikhoels, Epstein, Feffer proposed to create in the Crimea, no more no less, the Soviet Jewish socialist republic, arguing that it is associated with a happy fate of an entire people (
"With a view to the normalization of economic growth and development of Soviet Jewish culture, in order to maximize the mobilization of all forces of the Jewish people for the benefit of the Soviet homeland in order to complete the equation the situation of the Jewish masses among the fraternal peoples, we believe timely and appropriate, in the order of the decision of post-war problems of the question on the establishment of a Jewish Soviet socialist republic.
It seems to us that one of the most suitable areas was to the Crimea, which is most relevant to the requirements both in terms of roominess for relocation, and because of the existing successful experience in the development of the Jewish national districts there.
Creating a Jewish Soviet republic would just always allowed in a Bolshevik, in the spirit of the Leninist-Stalinist national policy issue of state-legal status of the Jewish people and the further development of its centuries-old culture. no one has been able to resolve this problem for many centuries, and it can only be solved in your great socialist country.
The construction of the Jewish Soviet republic would have given us considerable assistance and Jewish masses all over the world, wherever they may be "

Stalin, perfectly understanding the influence of American Jews in the American policy, organized in 1942, the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, not just any international, namely Hebrew, in order to obtain assistance from America. Perhaps due to this circumstance, Roosevelt talks with Churchill and Stalin for the post-war world was inclined to listen to more of the latter, which subsequently turned out for America's Cold War. The leaders of the JAC, having great authority in America, and receiving direct financial support, it seems, feel great politicians, because the letter was similar to their request, and does not really request. While Stalin was understandably hesitated, Jewish Committee in 1944 have not demanded autonomy in Crimea, and the creation of the Jewish Soviet Socialist Republic, like other national republics, one can assume, and resulted in the decision to deport the indigenous people of Crimea. Over time, when Stalin no longer needed in America, he shot all imagines himself equal to his Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee leaders.

Recently, the remnants of the Crimean people are trying to revive their community in their historical homeland, which negatively assessed the Russian media. Information, verging sometimes hysterical, that a potential threat subjected to almost all the international community in the case of the return of the Crimean Tatars, ie Muslims, it emphasizes especially on their land. This is understandable, because the indigenous people will fight to the death for their country, and if the Russian will take in head to regain the Crimea, they will get a second Chechnya. It is understood by the authorities in Kiev and apparently, so do not obstruct the restoration of the Crimean Tatar community, which in the future can count on autonomy within Ukraine. If the Jewish people have a right to their homeland after two thousand years, and the Crimean Tatars have no less right to live in their homeland, especially since only fifty years after the deportation.

In this aspect, Russia claims to the Crimea deprived not only logic, but also immoral by the very nature and can be considered only in terms of the aggressive policy of the empire, which is agonizing, unfortunately ever more shows fangs.