Alik Bahshi

When the donkey will die?

or his reflection in the mirror

"I'm the one who calculates your vices.
In good and bad you become a mirror.
It affected you so what is.
Smash the mirror - small honor "


Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to their own way, to the traditional, bandit jargon, was careless enough to promise a dead donkey ears from Latvia, and if so, the tail presumably get Japan, Finland's neck, and so on. Actually, I used to compare Russia with the dragon, who, after he had swallowed Afghanistan happened indigestion. ("Chechnya, who's next?" Israel. Our country. 12/11/96.) But Putin as Russian president, still visible. Donkey, donkey so, here I am not going to argue. It remains only to find out when he will die, meaning a donkey.

World history shows that all the colonial empires had their end. The Russian Empire, which traded with the Communists came to power, the name of the Soviet Union, in which the Secretary General of the rules instead of the emperor, also was no exception. The dragon can not be a dragon, if someone does not devour, and empire empire, if not capture even some country. In the next victim was chosen the most frail of the inner circle country located at the underbelly of the Soviet Union. In addition, the invasion of Afghanistan approached a Kremlin to his longtime dream to go to the Indian Ocean. However, despite the fact that Russian for ten years, fully owned by all operational space, despite the enormous superiority in military-technical equipment, in Afghanistan, they suffered a crushing defeat. The well-known Russian saying "who approach us with the sword come, and will perish by the sword", was true for the Afghans. Afghan bandits, spooks, the militants, the spirits - in fact terrorists, as it is now fashionable to call, so give the teeth a dragon that he had to crawl back to his lair, leaving the battlefield broken fangs, which later sprouted into a Taliban. Russian dream, which, somehow very vivid, voiced scandalously famous Duma deputy Zhirinovsky, "wash the soldiers' boots in the Indian Ocean" and remained a dream.
A failed military adventure in Afghanistan has had far-reaching political implications. Undeclared shameful war has exposed the lies and hypocrisy that podchivali Kremlin communist citizens. It was impossible to solder with the truth, for some unknown reason, the victim, in a zinc coffin, received all in large quantities in response to all-out war waged by the Soviet Union against the Afghan people. Economy, not taking into account the laws of the market, to keep some time for pure enthusiasm and coercion became ineffective and could no longer provide the ever increasing demands of the war machine of the empire. The first democratic transformation that Gorbachev was forced to introduce in order to make a civilized person or the Soviet system, he said, to build "socialism with a human face", so shaken patchwork empire that it is in the early 90-ies of the last century, kolapsirovala , a spin-off of the country, which had national status. Empire of Lies was powerless against free speech, which is the first to use the power of the Baltic colony, followed by the rest of "voluntary brotherhood of peoples" dispersed to the poor apartments, leaving pockets of fuming hot spots.

However, we will leave the imperial dragon and go to "Putin's ass." Lop-eared profile considerably relaxed. The belly is so cramped that the protruding ribs are good bait for the young, but very hungry cubs the Ural and Volga steppes, front hooves ass rubbed the blood on ledges of the Caucasus Mountains, rear right, he is still able to kick, but there has long been a Chinese weave them the ropes. Perhaps his donkey head donkey and understands that it should not interfere with the upcoming and inevitable change, stubbornly blocking the path of freedom and democracy. But how put these mulishness!

In this over, it can be said the first phase of the sunset of the Russian Empire, which continues to be a "prison of nations", despite the fact that emerged from the Soviet Union, without exception Soviet republics. People live and autonomous republics, territories, regions and districts, fancy borders are drawn by the Kremlin offices in the conversion of the empire to the Soviet Union, and remained in the colonial rule. Anticipating future territorial losses Moscow as many foreign lands brought into borders of the Russian Federation. Vast territories were rejected in favor of the mother country: for example, the entire territory of the Derbent Khanate, was derived from Azerbaijan. It's like to send, for example, Chuvashia Novgorod principality ottorgnuv it from Russia. How could it happen historically that Bashkiria has long border with Tatarstan and Kazakhstan? Can not explain why Kyrgyzstan received the status of a Union Republic of Tuva and Yakutia or not, or why Belarus, never knowing state gets it just a gift, and still does not know what to do with it, and the people of the North Caucasus, who were struggling with Russian from the first day of the occupation to the present time, do not bother to freedom. Moreover, that there was no precedent, ready to completely destroy the Russian, who challenged the empire, freedom Chechen people, who in the past been subjected to repeated physical violence and deportation.

The change to a democratic socialist system put Russia in the face not only of complex political problems, but also the very serious economic difficulties. Market economy in the Russian context mutated into an ugly shape oligarchic-mafia, whose motto is "steal while there that robbing." The fact is that the traditional greed and venality of Russian officials, unreasonably increased under Yeltsin, and, most importantly, a pathological unwillingness and inability of the Russian people to engage in the most efficient and organized creative activities, which clearly seen since the days of the Vikings invitation to Russia (by the way the name is Russ, Norman origin), has led to a whole galaxy of oligarchs, we say, not of Russian nationality, who, above all, not seen in the Russian homeland. Placing billions of dollars to banks in different countries, they have not invested the money for the creation of industrial enterprises, because their main concern was as much as possible and as quickly as possible deflation and sales of raw materials. Such common practice robberies country has nothing in common with a market economy, Russia translated into the category of the Third World. Say you come to mind American billionaire secretly export capital and hide it, say, in a Swiss bank. On the contrary, unlike the Russian oligarchs, he invests the money for the construction of facilities in Russia, though, if we are to be honest to the end, this will be his biggest mistake.

Combination of democracy and oligarchy is nonsense. Tycoon in a democratic society is the culprit, but in Russia oligarchy gained legitimacy. Russian people are so passive and inert, so used to having all of the changes and set down from the top, including the Revolution as a new phenomenon oligarchy took for granted, not realizing how it is immoral for the existence of a normal democratic society. Symbiosis of power and money reaches unimaginable heights under Yeltsin. Cashing fabulous capital using fraudulent tricks and combinations, new nuvoroshi, for further enrichment, are the power structures, literally buying parliamentary seats and ministerial portfolios. It went so far that the oligarchs are appointed by the President, who served as a guarantee of their well-being, that is, "roof", as told to Putin. Hastily searching for a replacement degraded Yeltsin, the oligarchs blundered badly, dragging Putin for president in the hope that the executive officer KGB will obedient puppet. The oligarchs have not considered what is not in them, namely, patriotism, which is present in Putin, and in considerable quantities.

Putin, hitherto concealed their ambitions, cool mixed with patriotism, did not want to continue to play the role of Yeltsin as president of sham, executor of the oligarchs, and decided to stop the process of further decay and looting of the empire, and then restore it to the old borders. Vector of all of his actions as president has one direction - back to the empire.

And the donkey is clear: Democracy and Empire - are incompatible. Moreover, democracy is contraindicated Empire! And if so, where I started the first president, in addition to the war in Chechnya, the systematic and pronounced attack on the media, much of which was controlled by oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky. From the time of the events of the Nord-Ost Putin declares total war on freedom of speech, which, as it turned out, prevent him from successfully fight terrorism. As a result, television in Russia has become as overregulated and uninteresting, as under communism, and Gusinsky had to flee abroad, the pursuit of the Russian prosecutor's office. Following the run Gusinsky was a former secretary of the Security Council oligarch Berezovsky. Oligarchs feel uncomfortable. Putin has put an end to the phenomenon of the oligarchy. Too ambitious and young tycoon Khodorkovsky neponyala that of Russian democracy remains one name, fled the country and decided to fight Putin in the hope that people will buy for the upcoming presidential elections. And would buy! However, Putin has managed to revive the chain of command in the Soviet and, I think, has built a prison for the presidential candidates. Prosecutors and courts placed the former cvoego functioning under the Communists. As a result, Khodorkovsky - in prison. He now enough time to realize their political mistakes and understand what Russia.

Sure, Putin said during the Yeltsin era subjects of the Russian Federation have too much political freedom, which eventually became loose and collapse the rest of the empire. So Putin headed for a change of government, namely, the elimination of such a thing as a federal subject. Here Putin is not original, the first time such an idea was put forward by Mr. Solzhenitsyn, the writer decided to do one time politically active and speaking, somehow, with a keynote speech from the podium of the State Duma. Dressed in a tunic dictator Time Nobel Prize easily disposed of peoples of the former Soviet Union and present-day Russia, placing them in his political scheme "arrangement of Russia", and his idea of ​​the revival of the territorial division into provinces clearly looked like a nostalgia for the former tsarist empire times. Solzhenitsyn argued for the provincial structure of Russia to erase even the memory of the peoples inhabiting the empire. Perhaps this idea has Putin on the soul and it is performing "free voleizleyanie" peoples, began to unite ethnic constituents in the region (ie province), in which the governor would be appointed by the President himself. Thus Putin stripped of all meaning the existence of such an important legislative body, as upper house, the seat of the elected governor. Almost after the introduction of the constitutional changes, the legislature is also in the hands of the president, that is, on the face of violation of the basic principle of democracy - the separation of the legislative power of the executive.

It seems there was no man in the nation, more tongue-tied than Chernomyrdin, but once he had, inadvertently pulled on lokonichnosti brilliant phrase, "like the best, but it turned out as always." Here, the whole philosophy, all the quintessence of the Russian people. Beginning with Peter the Great Russian people literally pull the ears in Europe, but the distance is not at all close. The latter idea, related to the introduction of Western-style democracy, now we can safely say torn Russia, just like all the previous foreign to the Russian spirit of innovation. Democracy is counter to the Russian people, and, in general, we need a democracy, the people who carries a gene Oblomovism and does not want to engage in political or economic activities. In such circumstances necessarily turn up foreigner with a collar and verbal carrot.

Donkey is a lot to hang noodles on the ears

Were there many Russian leaders among a handful of socialist revolution? Russian people are not capable of a revolution, but it is able to revolt. Imagine that came to power by oligarchs and, instead of the imaginary "dictatorship of the proletariat" would establish a real dictatorship of the oligarchs. Impoverishment of the people necessarily would lead to a terrible riot of bloody pogroms. The fact that Putin was in power, it is crucial for Russia. And do not Yavlinsky, Nemtsov, Hakamada, Kasparov and other talkers Democrats are ready for their mercantile interests distribute empire infidels. The fact that the leaders of these parties have no democratic Russian, does not seem strange, but only shows how unpopular the idea of ​​democracy in the national environment. But in the patriotic and pro-fascist parties, with the exception of clown-jester, Bar origin, full of "gosudarstvoopredelyayuschy people" (creative discovery Russian nationalists in linguistics). Russian chauvinism, pointed to by Stalin, deeply ingrained in the national consciousness, and the imperial ideology is an insurmountable obstacle to the introduction of democratic principles in Russia. Putin's course back to the people of the empire found understanding and support, as well as simple and clear policy question of soaking the Chechens in the toilet, strangling vermin (Chechnya) and circumcision Western guardians of democracy. Having finished with the oligarchs, the state itself will sell the spoil of the colonial peoples, for in most of Russia is nothing, and when it will be sold, the empire will come to its natural end. But this would be the case if the empire political situation stabilizes, but just in this respect for big problems. The war in the Caucasus is expanding, after Chechnya to fight for freedom rises Dagestan. No wonder Putin plans to strengthen Russia's military presence in the Caspian Sea, in giving the Russian fleet three new frigates, which poses a threat to all littoral states.
Putin's policies are dangerous not only to the neighboring, former fraternal peoples, most of whom Putin had sour relations, but also for established democracies, which could result in Russia's self-isolation.

Loneliness is fatal to all life, and donkeys in this sense is not an exception. In Putin's ass no friends. With mule Lukoshenko bored and love to engage in useless, because the mule in this matter is not useless. In Armenian ass, if you remember utyatnitsu, blasted Armenian Dashnaks Moscow subway (the first in the Soviet Union attack), rely insecure and dangerous, and can ... In mind there was only Tehran ass, which seems to promise a bunch of dry, highly flammable hay (nuclear weapons), love and friendship. However, from our ass to know that ...

"Only a stone unknown
joy and pain
And love on earth -
one ass! '

Ghafur Ghulam