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Thread: Was there a Great Armenia?

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    Was there a Great Armenia?

    Alik Bakhshi

    Was there a Great Armenia?

    As you know, Armenia lays claim to vast territories located in neighboring and not only neighboring countries, as evidenced by the map of “Great Armenia” presented by Armenian historians. (pic.1)

    Judging by the map drawn by them, it seems to me, the state of Armenia occupied a rather vast territory of the Middle East, washed by four seas: the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean (Persian Gulf). But bad luck, the stories are known for Egyptian navigators, Phoenician, Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Khazar (the population living on the shores of the Caspian calls it the Khazar Sea), Turkish sailors, however, there is not a single evidence or mention of those sailing on those seas ships of "Great Armenia from sea to sea", yes, yes, exactly from sea to sea, and not otherwise, that's how historians call Armenia today. And it must be considered a big omission of the Armenian historians who did not bother to find the sunken ancient Armenian ships in those seas. True, according to rumors, Noah's Ark is located on Mount Ararat, which the Armenians consider theirs, from which one can conclude that this is the very missing historical fact testifying to the sailors of Great Armenia, the first of which, presumably, was the Armenian Noah.
    Well, it can be hypothesized that the Armenian people have a certain syndrome like an allergy to sea water, but even more surprising is another historical fact, namely wars. The fact is that all great empires, and such, if we take into account the map drawn by Armenian historians, was Great Armenia, did not do without wars. Stories are known for the wars of Ancient Egypt with Assyria, the Persian Empire with the Greeks, Alexander the Great founded a vast empire fighting the empire of the Persian king Darius. Continuous wars within the Middle East were fought by the Great Roman Empire, and then the Byzantine Empire, again with the Persians. The Baghdad Caliphate is known, which was supplanted by the empire of Genghis Khan, and then finally fell under the onslaught of Timur. Finally, the Ottoman Empire, which fought in this region with Timur and subsequently with another Turkic Safavid empire (Kyzylbash Empire). And somehow it so happened that none of the named empires had a chance to fight “Great Armenia from sea to sea”. It is difficult to imagine that somewhere between the named empires, which are always at war with each other, there was at least some small, and even an independent state, and not that Great Armenia. Armenian historians clearly still have to make many "historical discoveries" in order to fill this gap in world history.
    It should be noted that the Armenians in the Persian Empire suffered greatly during the Roman-Persian wars, because the area in which they lived was located on the border between the two empires and passed from hand to hand. In view of the fact that the Armenians often supported one or the other side of the rival powers, the Romans overpowered the Armenians deep into the empire into Cilicia. And today Armenian historians believe that this territory has always historically been part of Great Armenia.
    But even if he agrees with Armenian historians about Great Armenia, which, again judging by the presented map, had in the distant past the status of nothing other than an empire, then this cannot be a reason for its reconstruction. It seems that Armenian historians are going to fight in the depths of centuries in order to recreate the "Great Armenia". That way, Macedonia may demand the re-establishment of the empire of Alexander the Great, and with much greater grounds, relying on indisputable historical facts, or Mongolia will be tempted to return the empire of Genghis Khan.

    There are peoples who have never had a state education, for example, the Gypsies. It is hardly possible to name a state on the Eurasian continent, where the gypsy people do not live. It is also difficult to name a state in the Middle East where the Armenians do not live, and not dispersed, but forming compact centers. This feature is well traced in our time. For example, in Crimea, the Armenian population has been known for a long time, recently an Armenian diaspora has formed in the Kuban, where it is already difficult to determine who is more numerous than the Kuban Cossacks or the Armenians who settled there. Many Armenians currently live in the resort towns of the North Caucasus. An interesting and many-speaking fact - at the time of the conquest of Georgia by Russia, 60% of the population of Tbilisi were Armenians. Maybe that's why Armenia today has territorial claims to Georgia as well. In the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, a whole region where the Armenian population lived compactly was called Armenikend. Another interesting historical fact is that when the Russians conquered the Irvan Khanate of Azerbaijan in the city of the same name, Yerevan, in addition to Azerbaijanis, 5% of Armenians and Kurds lived each. The same demographic situation was in the capital of the Karabakh Khanate, Shusha. There is a large Armenian diaspora in Moscow, Paris, and more recently in America, mainly in California and Argentina. Unlike the Gypsies, the Armenians tend to build churches, which exist or are still preserved in those places where the Armenians founded the diaspora. Taking into account the given reliable data, Armenian historians can significantly expand the borders of Greater Armenia, now from ocean to ocean.

    Thanks to the Russian Empire, which, in order to gain a foothold in the Caucasus, began to populate the territory of the former Irvan Khanate with Armenians from all over the Middle East, having previously evicted the Turkic population, later already under Soviet rule, the Republic of Armenia was formed. The Armenians were not content with the expulsion of the Azerbaijanis, they purposefully destroyed the historical traces of their stay on the land allocated for the Republic of Armenia. They left no trace of the Shah's complex in the center of Yerevan, barbarously destroying a beautiful palace, an example of oriental architecture. (pic. 2)

    Today, in the center of Yerevan, on the site of a former palace, a monument to Dashnak Geregin Nzhdeh (Ter-Harutyunyan) has been erected, who proposed to Hitler to create an Armenian state with the help of Germany as a province of the Third Reich. For this purpose, the Armenian Legion was formed in the Wehrmacht, which conducted punitive raids in the fight against partisans. For cooperation with the Nazis, Geregin Ter-Harutyunyan in the Soviet Union was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, from now on, on Victory Day, the "Immortal Regiment" passes in front of the monument to the fascist Geregin Nzhdeh, as a mockery of the memory of the soldiers who fought against the Nazis. (1) The circle is closed, fascist ideology is immortal! This has never happened before. Armenian Dashnaks sensed the spirit of fascism emanating from the Kremlin. As confirmation - the silence of Putin. (pic 3)

    The circumstance of deportation of Azerbaijanis also took place during the Soviet era. It should be noted that with Moscow's encouragement, the squeezing out of the local Azerbaijani population was accompanied by the seizure of territory in favor of Armenia. (pic. 4)

    So, Moscow handed over Zangezur to Armenia. This territory of 4500 sq. Km, renamed by the Armenians to the Syunik region, after which Azerbaijan lost the continuity of its territory, for the Nakhichevan region was separated from Azerbaijan. As a result of this policy of Moscow, Armenia became the most mono-national republic in the Soviet Union.

    The fact that Armenia is an artificial state formation is evidenced by the fact that Armenians living in other countries do not seek to settle in Armenia, moreover, for a good life, Armenians leave their artificial homeland, as well as the territory of occupied Karabakh. It is noteworthy that, if during the first Karabakh war, the Azerbaijani population of Armenia fled to Azerbaijan, then the Armenians left Azerbaijan anywhere, but not to Armenia.

    Russia is at the origins of the appearance in Tbilisi in 1890, long before the German Nazis of the world's first Nazi party "Dashnaktsutyun", which set the goal, through ethnic cleansing and terror, to create a chimerical Armenian state on the territory of Turkey. Russia's support for this political monster during the First World War resulted in the tragedy of both the Armenians themselves living in Turkey and the Turks who were subjected to ethnic cleansing. An attempt by the Dashnaks, the real perpetrators of this tragedy, to blame the Turkish authorities failed at a trial organized by the British occupation authorities in Malta on a tip from the Armenians in 1920. After a long trial, the court did not find the fault of the Turkish government in this tragedy and acquitted all those arrested (2). Interestingly, after the Maltese court, the Armenians no longer attempted to appeal to the courts (3), but decided to put the entire Turkish people against the wall through propaganda, sowing lies all over the world about the Armenian genocide and the never-existed “Great Armenia” (4).

    After the collapse of the USSR, Armenia remained the only strategic ally of Putin's Russia, which, like a chain dog, is ready, on the go-ahead from Moscow, to continue the begun weaning of lands for Great Armenia.

    1. Victory Parade in Armenian.
    2. A hole in a portrait or from the Great Lies to "Great Armenia".
    3. On the issue of genocide, or why Armenia is wary of the trial.
    4. Armenian nationalism on the website, as a reflection of the general picture in the media.

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