Alik Bakhshi

Russia is the most aggressive country

Following the Second World War, Russia is the only country that has seized foreign territories and even the whole state. Neither the United States, nor the United Kingdom, nor Canada, as a winner country, unlike Russia, did not acquire a meter of foreign land, but Russia seized vast territories:
- 10% of the territory of Finland, and this is almost the territory of Switzerland,
- annexed part of Germany (East Prussia),
- three states Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia joined the USSR,
- the huge territories of Poland were torn away in favor of the USSR,
- annexed part of Romania (Bessarabia),
- Tyva was annexed (in 1944),
- part of the territory of Japan (Southern Sakhalin with the Kuril Islands) has been annexed.

It should be noted that these territorial acquisitions of Moscow lie on the conscience of the American President Roosevelt, who completely trusted Uncle Joe, in spite of Churchill's warnings. But America had a colossal opportunity to stop the insatiability of Stalin. I am sure that if it were not for America, and the Russians had the first to have an atomic bomb, they would not fail to take advantage of this circumstance, and the world would be different today.

At the end of the 20th century, before the collapse of the Evil Empire, when its economy was already breathing deeply, Moscow attempted to seize another country - Afghanistan. However, this time the Russians ran into a people that belonged to their freedom, as to a shrine and, despite their enormous superiority, the Russians suffered a shameful defeat (1).
But what is surprising is that even after the partial collapse of the empire, Russia has not lost its predatory nature, which is well illustrated by the attack on Georgia and Ukraine. And again, through the fault of America, which did not take advantage of the situation to complete the disintegration of the evil Empire, the West today has problems with its revanchism. Not understanding President Bush Jr., what is Russia and the Russian people (2) with its imperial worldview in a compartment with Great Russian chauvinism (3), allowed Putin's "friend" to pour in Chechnya blood and suppress the shoots of Yeltsin's democracy. And Obama, too intelligent for this case, slipped Russia's attack on Ukraine, although it was clear on all grounds that Ukraine could not avoid military aggression from Russia. In the article Whose Crimea (4) I predicted in 2006 the inevitability of the implementation of the Kremlin's military plans for Ukraine. Moreover, two months before Russia's invasion of Crimea, in an article (5) I wrote that it will take place after the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Obama not only did not dare to contradict Putin's tricks, although America on the Budapest Memorandum was the guarantor of Ukraine's security, but also refused to help Ukraine in arming.
The West does not want to take seriously the revanchist aspirations of Putin, as it once let Hitler revanchism, which in the end could lead to a big war, for Putin will not definitely stop in Ukraine.

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