The new ‘Barbie’ movie has everyone stocking up on pink paint…... Did the 'Barbie' movie really cause a run on pink paint? Let's get the full picture...


As any Barbie fan knows, life in plastic is fantastic — and also very pink. So much so, in fact, that the makers of the highly anticipated live-action movie say they wiped out a company's entire global supply of one shade of it. "The world ran out of pink," production designer Sarah Greenwood told Architectural Digest early last week.

She said construction of the expansive, rosy-hued Barbieland — at Warner Bros. Studios in Leavesden, England — had caused an international run on the fluorescent shade of Rosco paint. Rosco is known for supplying the entertainment industry with products like scenic paints, color filters and other equipment, including certain tints specifically formulated for the screen. And it's now painting a fuller picture of Greenwood's comments.

Lauren Proud, Rosco's vice president of global marketing, told the Los Angeles Times on Friday that "they used as much paint as we had" — but that it was in short supply to begin with during the movie's production in 2022.