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Thread: The Fires of America’s Cultural Revolution Were Already Burning

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    The Fires of America’s Cultural Revolution Were Already Burning

    A bit of history of critical theory from the mouths of critical theorists. A review of Christopher F. Rufo's America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything.

    The Fires of America’s Cultural Revolution Were Already Burning

    ...Rufo’s approach is both biographical and intellectual. He profiles the four figures he sees as progenitors of America’s ideological capture: the German-American political theorist Herbert Marcuse, the political activist Angela Davis, the Brazilian educator Paolo Freire, and the lawyer and civil rights activist Derrick Bell. The four figures have sections devoted to them, beginning with a biographical portrait, followed by chapters explaining the substance of their theories, their impact on their respective cultures, and their role they play in today’s America.

    Rufo outlines the influence of each figure while quoting from their work. Marcuse created Critical Theory to undermine the very foundations of American society and culture, which he saw as having anesthetized the revolutionary potential of the working class through “an ever-more-comfortable life.”

    Angela Davis then applied Marcuse’s theory through identity politics, fomenting a revolutionary alliance between the marginalized black underclass and upper-class white radicals. This was the kind of high-low coalition against the bourgeois middle described by French political theorist Bertrand de Jouvenel.

    Friere constructed a pedagogy to instill “revolutionary consciousness” in children, inverting the purpose of education from an introduction into received morals and traditions to a ritual indoctrination in activist perspectives that depicted society as irredeemably corrupt.

    Finally, Bell built the edifice of critical race theory that equated all racial disparities with racial discrimination. This was a solvent meant to dissolve the foundation of America’s legal system and to weaponize it against white Americans.

    This is a revolution from above, fomented by leftists in the halls of academia and government in a long march through the institutions. Capturing them from within, they have implemented a revolutionary ideology that has “gnawed, chewed, smashed, and disintegrated the entire system of values that came before it,” Rufo writes....

    One thing to point out here, having read several of Bell's papers, and Kimberle Crenshaw's review, in Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement, the aim of early critical theory and especially critical race theory, was against liberalism, not conservatism. Liberalism gave blacks integration, moving black students from lousy black schools to lousy while schools, when what blacks wanted was better education. But critical theory was already infesting the education system aiming to socialize and normalize what wasn't social or normal.
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    It is very important to point out that many of these Progressive notions have been around radicalized academic circles for a long time. Only more recently they are being mainstreamed into the culture at large to the point of being embraced by so-called Capitalist enterprise and institutionalized in government.

    It is also creating a new high paying jobs industry for various activist DEI consultants in both those areas.
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