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Thread: White Privilege

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulletbob View Post
    I have not heard any one mention black privilege or Hispanic or Asian are there not instances when there is such a thing ?
    Asians pretty much have no privilege. Their are scenarios that can benefit black, white, and hispanic people but there is no such privilege for asian people. They pretty much outdo everyone scholastically and get screwed by mandatory quotas.

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    As a white kid I was a minority in my neighborhood.
    Although, if I could go back. I would have told them to lick my boots cuz I am white and privileged. No one told me.
    Probably a good thing.

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    White Privilege is a fallacy, because everybody is "privileged" in some way.

    Anglo Saxons conquered the world, Black Africans made an empire of slave trade from it.

    But if you want to talk about "privilege"............

    I can honestly say, I've never, NEVER seen anything in my life but Black Privilege.
    Blacks get preferential treatment in schools.
    Blacks get preferential treatment from the gov't.
    Blacks get preferential treatment from help organizations.
    Blacks get preferential treatment in hiring practices.
    Blacks get preferential treatment in job markets.
    Blacks get preferential treatment on the job.
    Blacks get the big raises, bonuses, and perks.
    Blacks get preferential treatment for loans.
    Blacks "lord" all of this over everybody.
    Black employees make more money than white employees.
    Blacks can have a job AND get welfare!

    This is what I've seen all of my life.

    I have never had anything of any substance in my life, even though I've had to work 3 jobs for a few years, at one point in my life, JUST to be able to make rent!

    I've worked from "hand to mouth" all of my life because blacks get all the promotions and compensation packages at work.

    The first time I got laid off from a job, I used up all my savings before I ever found another job. I had to go apply for food stamps. As I was sitting there, and the guy I was talking to was flapping his yap about some BS.....there was noise outside.
    I looked out the double glass front doors and saw this black woman in a new Cadillac drive up to the front doors, LITERALLY!
    There were no parking spaces within 30 feet of the front door, yet she parks her Caddy right there in the RED FIRE LANE, gets out of her car. She comes in, clip clopping in her Gucci shoes, Gucci dress, REAL fur coat (in the middle of the summer), Gucci sunglasses, and "dripping" in diamonds, gold, and about 20 gold bracelets! She gets up to the front desk, and says to the clerk "I want ALL of my food stamps". The clerk hands her about an inch worth of food stamps (when they were still paper). And she turns on one heel, and clip clops back out, gets back into her Caddy and drives off!!
    All the while the guy that is supposed to be helping me, is telling me I DON'T QUALIFY FOR FOOD STAMPS!!!

    My grandma had her social security cut one year, and it was so bad, that she had to go apply for food stamps.
    The $#@! there that took her application told her TO HER FACE....."YOU ARE THE WRONG COLOR TO BE GETTING FOOD STAMPS"!!!

    Another time I lost my job and was not able to find another one in time, I had to go apply for food stamps. Again, I was completely broke and didn't even know if I was going to be able to pay my rent the next month. While I was sitting in the waiting room, I was looking out in the parking lot at some birds, when a huge, black Escalade with several THOUSAND dollars worth of rims and tires and lift job on it drove up to the front door and these three women got out with baby strollers, and came into the food stamp office! All of them had VERY expensive weaves, VERY expensive nail jobs, "dripping" in gold chains, all wearing VERY expensive tracksuits with $500 sports shoes, and the baby strollers were some of those designer kinds that cost several THOUSAND dollars a piece!! And they were there getting their food stamps!! Can you guess what happened? Thats RIGHT! I WAS DENIED, and THEY were ACCEPTED!!

    And this is what I've seen, day in day out, my whole life!

    Don't talk to me about "white privilege"!!!

    I've even worked with plenty of blacks that have nothing but nasty stuff to say about people like I described above. They call them "the word". I was explained several times in my life by some upstanding, hard working blacks that these "the words" have ruined all blacks lives by what they have done to the entire black culture. I was told the same thing by all of these people I worked with, who don't know each other, and were at different points in my working life. They never took a dime from anybody, including the government. They had to get jobs if they wanted something. They were raised with manners and etiquette, and made to understand what self-reliance is.

    I actually miss one guy. He was so nice! He was working to put himself through train college, because he wanted to be a train Chief!! I thought that was awesome. And I have two friends that just love me to death. They are extremely intelligent black ladies and they understand race relations and all the BS and media corruption that has been integrated into it. And we have no qualms about talking about such things with each other, because we all understand we are human, and we don't see each other as a "color", we see each other as friends. It's all those other people out there that make so much money off of keeping the hate and animosity going.

    I don't hold grudges against any of these people though. Thats how they were raised, and obviously were never informed about much more meaningful ways to get the things you want out of life.

    I do hold grudges against anyone that keeps people down, and tells them that their plights and problems are those of everybody else!!! There are PLENTY of stories out there of down-trodden people of all "colors", that have had the intelligence to know that there IS something better out there, and they get out there and go for it! And THAT is what America is all about.

    If you don't leave the swamp, you will get sucked down into it!

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